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Solicitors and Barristers are expensive – and securing Legal Aid is becoming increasingly difficult – but representing yourself in court can be a daunting prospect.

That’s where McKenzie Friends come in, our nationwide network of McKenzie Friends can guide and advise you through the process.

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What is a McKenzie Friend?

Anyone who is mentally competent is entitled to represent themselves in court (they do not need to employ a solicitor or barrister) and if they choose to do this, they are termed a Litigant in Person (LIP).

A LIP may be accompanied by a friend; this common law right goes back nearly 200 years

“Any person, whether he be a professional man or not, may attend (court) as a friend of either party, may take notes, may quietly make suggestions, and give advice.”
(Lord Chief Justice Tenterden ,1831)

In the case of McKenzie v McKenzie in 1970, this right was challenged, and upheld, giving rise to the term now used: “McKenzie Friend.” This is not an automatic right, but a judge would only refuse a LIP the help of a McKenzie Friend for a good reason.

More and more people are conducting their own cases in court, without a solicitor or barrister, often because they cannot afford lawyers’ fees, and Legal Aid to pay these fees is becoming harder to obtain.

Representing yourself in court is not as daunting as it may sound, especially if you have the help of a McKenzie Friend to assist in preparing the case beforehand and to sit along-side you in court.

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Our free initial consultation is usually by video or telephone call – this usually takes only 30 minutes.

Following the initial free consultation, our costs are fixed at £75* per hour plus travel expenses – much cheaper than the hourly rates for a solicitor or barrister – which commonly range between £150 – £600.

You have nothing to lose – book your FREE, no obligation consultation now.

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Customer Reviews

Superb Service

I reached out to McKenzie McKenzie Ltd when I had no knowledge of what services I needed and how the legal system worked. The response from them was almost immediate and they were very helpful and knowledgeable.

Ibrahim Sheikh had background experience of what I was dealing with at a very reasonable and affordable rate. He did not apply any pressure to me to book with him.

McKenzie McKenzie stayed in touch throughout the whole process and communication was always open and honest.

Having the right McKenzie Friend for my case secured the outcome I was hoping for which was a win win.

Thank you, McKenzie McKenzie, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you, thank you for all your help. Ibrahim is a a good mentor that will keep you composed and positive, his guidance has helped to shape my mentality long term, I’ll be recommending him to anyone that needs to fight for contact with their child.

AR October 2023

Ibrahim’s sharp approach keeps you focused only on what is relevant in your case, he has a tunnel vision to get you the result that you want, when all odds seemed stacked against me he secured contact with my daughter on Boxing Day which made my Christmas.

Ibrahim is a a good mentor that will keep you composed and positive, his guidance has helped to shape my mentality long term, I’ll be recommending him to anyone that needs to fight for contact with their child.

I discovered Ibrahim Sheikh after instructing a reputable legal firm who specialised in family law had got absolutely nowhere. I had already parted with a large sum of money and funds were running dry.

I did a Google search and found a site for Mckenzie Friends. I had never heard of them before. I filled out the online form, and Mr Sheikh immediately called me. He was so engaging and informative and patient letting him describe my situation. I felt so reassured and immediately completed the relevant paperwork.

After a couple of months, Mr Sheikh had got me further than I ever imagined. Fast forward 5 months and 2 court appearances, I have the court order to protect my children's welfare and hopefully be the catalyst to a healthier relationship with their father and also happier children.

Ibrahim would work evenings and weekends if necessary and the difference is he really cares. Yes I paid him, for his expertise but I got the results I needed at a fraction of the cost which only adds to your stress levels. I haven't felt this relieved in a long time and didn't realise what toll it had taken on me until I have stepped back and breathed.

I thank him for his empathy but profound professionalism and in court on my first appearance he was the best referee with such diplomacy that even my ex couldn't argue or become angry with him.

On behalf of my children and me, thank you, I wouldn't hesitate to use or refer Mr Sheikh again

Ibrahim made me feel very supported through the entire process. Any questions I had were answered immediately and I felt heard every step of the way.

I am an incredibly anxious person so probably needed a little more support than your average client but at no point did I feel like that was too much to ask. Ibrahim travelled miles to be with me on the day and settled my nerves.

My Non-Molestation order was granted and the whole process felt quick and relatively painless.

I couldn't have done it without him and am incredibly grateful.

On Tuesday 11th October 2022, I instructed Ibrahim Sheikh at the utmost of short notice for his support in my hearing, that was scheduled for the next day. As you can imagine, the lead up to the hearing placed a great deal of stress upon me, while I am already experiencing a long-term work related illness, and I am unable to work because of it.

I simply could not afford to appoint a solicitor at £300 per hour +VAT, which is why I chose McKenzie McKenzie which are far more reasonable and personable. I could not fault Mr Sheikh’s support. From the moment I contacted him until the end of the hearing, his support was invaluable.

His natural disposition was so very calming, which is essential when you need to disengage your emotions from the court room. His preparation and professionalism, given that he had less than 24 hour’s notice, was flawless.

From my experience, and reflecting on yesterday’s hearing, Mr Sheikh undoubtedly ‘had my back’ and I would highly recommend him.

Dear Ibrahim,

Please allow me firstly to express my thanks to you and the time you have given me today. I cannot put into words how much I appreciate your guidance.

It is with apologies that I have to inform you I would be unable to instruct you on my behalf as I cannot acquire the fee you will need to work on my behalf.

I would like to thank you again for your time today and guidance with what I need to produce for the judge going forward. I am well aware you did not have to do that and again cannot put into works how thankful I am.

I wish you all the best for the future.


After paying a solicitor a large amount of money and getting no where and just advised to accept an offer that meant me doing all the running around and having limited rights as a father; I reached out to Ibrahim at very short notice (less then one week) prior to my First Dispute Resolution Hearing.

It was clear from the start that Ibrahim cares and understands the plight of Family Court and the impact it has on you emotionally.

I went in without a hope and full of fear, a national rail strike didn’t help along with the court ignoring my request for my McKenzie Friend to attend digitally.

However that didn’t stop Ibrahim from supporting me every step of the way with several phone calls in the morning and afternoon, settling my nerves and giving clear and honest advice.

I listened and followed Ibrahim’s advice and came out with a result that I didn’t think in my wildest dreams would happen.

If you want a personal approach with a wealth of knowledge, I can’t recommend Ibrahim Sheikh enough.


In the matter of an application for "Without Notice Non Molestation Order"

Contacting Mckenzie Mckenzie was the best choice I could have made, in what was a very stressful time in my personal life. Ibrahim's advice and support was second to non. He is professional, compassionate and extremely efficient.

Further to this his knowledge of the law is exemplary.

I would have been lost without him and would highly recommend.

Dear Mr. Ibrahim,

First and foremost, I wish you all the success in every aspect of your life.

I would like you to know how much I appreciate the swift setting up of the Zoom meeting and the excellent service and empowering input you provided me yesterday in regards to my legal case.

Your attention to details, great communication skills, and ready smile made the experience even better than I expected.

Please accept my personal gratitude.


Mr Ibrahim Sheikh has been extremely helpful from the very first call and offered clear and honest information with regards to the legal procedures.

His knowledge, recommendation and advice made a significant impact in the progress of my case.

I would recommend Mr Sheikh as he is proactive, clear and offers ongoing explanation and support throughout your case.


I filled out my details using the https://www.findamckenziefriend.com/ website as I had been quoted an extortionate amount of money by a family lawyer to act for me in relation to a name change case at the Family Courts.

I received a couple of responses to my query one of which I disregarded and the other was Ibrahim Sheikh. Ibrahim contacted me to carry out an initial consultation and from the first contact he was very informative, clear as to costs and demonstrated a clear and concise understanding of my case and the way in which he could assist me.

At no point did I feel pressured into using Ibrahim's services and during the course of the case, all work carried out on my behalf was documented and broken down into a fee schedule, giving me complete visibility of how time was being spent.

I would highly recommend engaging Ibrahim to act on your behalf as I was very worried about how to convey my thoughts and feelings in a professional and legal way. Ibrahim allayed all my fears and was able to reassure me and advise on the best way to word documents in order to put across the very best possible case at Court.

Ibrahim was always on the end of the phone if needed and I am very pleased that I was able to work with him and achieve the outcome that I wanted


Ibrahim is extremely accommodating with a calm and reassuring manner. He is able to convey advice in clear terms and immediately put me at ease.

Ibrahim is transparent on terms and engagement requirements with an comprehensive knowledge of the law and process, backed up by experience. I would highly recommend him and felt confident that my issues would be expertly addressed.

He was able to direct me on an ancillary matter which was an added bonus.


Me and my wife are going thru a bad time with the care of our grand children and there parents reached out and spoken to various people with not much light at the end of the tunnel solicitors were miles to exspensive and could not afford it, was like are backs was against the wall.

Then we met Ibrahim Sheikh and after speaking to Ibrahim the wight was lifted from our heads at lasts we some light he reasured he can help us and after face to face meetings he was very sensitive to our neeeds and he realy cared and a pure gentlman and the cost of Ibrahim was miles cheaper then a solicitor but dont let that fool you because is expiriance is outstanding and i a one hour free with a solicitor but Ibrahim came out on top with knowledge and understanding..

Thank you Ibrahim.

Mr Derek Lee

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