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1. Mediation
2. Divorce
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Help & Advice

Please see our helpful advice section below in areas of mediation, divorce, childcare arrangements, child maintenance and getting the best financial arrangements to suit your needs. Please click on the each of the areas for family law below to get up to date advice and assistance from your McKenzie Friends.


Family Mediation helps couples who are separated or divorced – or in the process of separating or divorcing – reach agreement about the important issues that need to be addressed if couples are to achieve a fair and legal separation.


If you decide to do a DIY divorce rather than be represented by a solicitor then the court will refer to you as a ‘litigant in person (LIP)’.

Child Arrangement

A child arrangements order sets put with whom a child is to live with, spend time with or have contact with.

Child Maintenance

Child maintenance is about providing help with a child’s everyday living costs. This includes things like food and clothes and helping to provide a home for your child or children.


There is no hard and fast rule. The Court will apply a number of statutory factors which include the age, income earning capacity, responsibilities of the parties, their needs, the length of the marriage and the parties’ resources including their pensions. The interests of minor children always come first so that providing accommodation for them will be a priority.

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