Step 2 – Submit your Divorce Application to court

Step 2 – Submit your Divorce Application to court

Once you have decided to proceed with divorce, and you have decided which reason to use for the divorce then you can start to complete the Divorce Application form (also called the Divorce Petition).

If you have dependent children, then you need to include their details in the D8


The spouse who initiates the divorce application becomes known as the petitioner.
The other spouse will be referred to in the legal documents as the respondent.


You first need to complete Form D8 (the divorce petition) and, if you have children you should also complete Part 7 in the D8 – Details of the Children.

The court fee for processing the divorce is £593. If you intend to use a cheque for payments to court, they should be made out to HM Courts & Tribunals Service.

If your divorce is based on unreasonable behaviour then you might want to let your spouse see a copy of the divorce petition before you send it to court to give them a chance to review the unreasonable behaviour statements and make changes to them if there are any sentences that they find particularly upsetting.

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